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Call for projects/ initiatives 2024


Enabel, the Belgian development agency, wants to highlight and support young people’s commitment to international solidarity. Do you have an international solidarity project or initiative that you would like to put into practice? Do you have an idea that needs to be refined and tested against reality? A new vision of international solidarity? Then this call for projects/initiatives is for you!


Tell us who you are and develop your idea by answering the questions via the form or a video of maximum 5 minutes before midnight on 26/02/2024. 10 projects/initiatives will be selected and their promoters will meet Enabel for an interview. After the interview, the 5 best projects/initiatives will be selected and their promoters will start the process, from March to November 2024.

What is SoliDare Hub?

The promoters of the 5 selected projects / initiatives will be supported by Enabel to refine and improve their project / initiative. In concrete terms: once the needs and expectations of the initiators have been determined, we will meet at 4 Saturdays (between March and May 2024) at Enabel’s offices in Brussels to discuss the proposals, meet experts, partners and coaches and work together to develop the projects / initiatives to improve. Enabel is there for you between the meetings and can refer you to people who can help you refine your project / initiative. At the end of this process you can present your brilliant project / initiative to a jury at the next international solidarity festival: SoliDare (October / November 2024). The jury will choose 1 grand prize winner!

What do we offer?

All selected projects/initiatives will benefit from: advice, networking with international solidarity actors and other project leaders, coaching, tailor-made personal support. All project leaders receive a certificate as proof of the completed process and, upon request, a letter of recommendation from Enabel. The winning project/initiative will receive a prize of 15,000 euros, to be spent on purchases related to their project/initiative (study trip, training, coaching, proof of concept, purchase of materials, etc.).

For whom?

For any person, group or non-profit organization with an idea for a project or initiative in the field of international solidarity. The project / initiators must be located in Belgium, between 18 and be 30 years old, be very motivated and commit to attending the entire process (at least 4 meetings in Brussels on Saturdays between March and May 2024, and, if their project/initiative is selected, present at the SoliDare festival, end of 2024). The projects / initiatives must relate to international solidarity and be implemented in Belgium or in one of the following partner countries of Belgian cooperation: Burundi, DRC, Guinea, Morocco, Uganda, Palestine, Rwanda, Senegal and Tanzania.

Do you want to know more?

View the regulations or contact Esra (

Do you want to participate?

Answer the questions via the form or send a video of maximum 5 minutes to: